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Penelopa groupтел.: +359 887 300407
email: ekoprodukti@abv.bg

About the company

The company „Ecoproducts” Ltd. was established in 2002, in the town of Sliven, with main business - production and trade in fruits, almonds and cereals. The company has longstanding experience and established traditions in the field of fruit-growing.

Ecoproducts Ltd. is specialized in the production of fruit, which comply with the European standards for quality. It grows fruit orchards located on the lands surrounding the villages Malko Chochoveni and Gavrailovo, Siven Municipality, Sliven District. The orchards are located at the foot of the mountain Stara Planina, where nature is very favorable for growing perennial crops, such as the traditional for the region fruit trees like cherries, peaches, apricots, plums, almond trees. At several stages the company has created and planted 1320 da of orchard trees, which include:

  • 600 da of cherry gardens
  • 200 da of plum gardens
  • 250 da of peach gardens
  • 20 da of apricot gardens
  • 250 da of almond gardens.


For the selection of high quality saplings, the company Ecoproducts Ltd., works with licensed sapling gardens, while the entire work of planting and growing the fruit trees is monitored and controlled by expert agronomists.


Here in Ecoproducts Ltd., we have invested in extensive and various range of sorts of cherries, peaches, plums, and almonds. This decision gives us the opportunity to provide tasty and quality products for a more prolonged period, which have different moments of ripening.

Ecoproducts Ltd., grows and takes care also of 1100 da of grain crops such as wheat, barley, millet, and oats.

Ecoproducts Ltd. does not rely only on nature; for the purpose of achieving better quality it has built systems for drip irrigation. Our agronomists select the right fertilizers and preparations for plant protection, depending on the pests, apply them on the right place and at the right time, and in the same time striving to achieve ecologically clean production.

Ecoproducts Ltd. possesses the required equipment for the proper and most favorable cultivation of the plants and soil. We trust on makes such as Lamborgini, John Deere, Pasquali, and New Holland. Our workers and employees are qualified for the performance of the different operations. Ecoproducts Ltd. owns a base with a closed production cycle, consisting of grading, processing, packing the fruits and storage in refrigeration stores. Grading is performed by modern and contemporary equipment, working with precise accuracy.