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Cherry is one of the tastiest fruits which grow on the territory of the country. Hardly is there a person who does not like this sweet red fruit and who does not wait impatiently for it to appear on the market or to ripen in the orchard.

Cherry is not only tasty, but it is also wholesome for our organism. It contains vitamin C, minerals, carbohydrates it has a low glycemic index and also has anti-oxidant properties. These tasty fruits are preferred for diets as they have low caloric content and they have diuretic effect.


Which soils are suitable for growing cherry orchards?


Although the cherry trees are not too demanding with regards to climate and soils, however the ventilated types of soils are most suitable for them. They grow well also in the mountain regions with altitude of 1000m. The black and clay soils are not suitable, especially when they have impermeable subsoil layer.


When are the cherry orchards planted?

Cherries are planted in the autumn, as during this period of the year the saplings get planted and develop better. Before planting the saplings, the land intended to be turned into a cherry orchard has to be cleaned, fertilized and well prepared. During the spring of the first year of the development of the fruit trees, we do the first trimming and form the tree’s crown, which is crucial for the production of fruit.


Sorts of cherries

There are many sorts of cherries which are grown in our country, but we shall focus our attention on some of the most popular.

Bing cherry – they ripen during the second half of May. The fruits are dark red, juicy, sweet and crisp.

Van cherry – they ripen in the end of June and in the beginning of July, their fruits are very large, dark red, juicy and crisp;

Victoria – this is an Italian sort of cherry which ripens in the middle of June. The fruits of this sort are large, dark red, and heart-shaped.


Diseases of the cherries

The most frequent diseases of the cherries are the Steklenburg’s disease, sickle leaves, stigmina carpophila, brown rot, bacterial cancer, etc. The diseases of cherries are treated with chemical preparations against diseases and pests.