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Apricot is the favorite fruit of young and older people. It is aromatic, tasty and just 100 g can provide us with the necessary daily dose of vitamin A. Apricots also contain vitamin C, vitamin P, vitamin B3, B13, potassium, magnesium, iron, pectin, etc.

This fruit is very tasty and wholesome, but growing apricot orchards is a little more specific due to the fact that the apricot tree is much more capricious than some of the other fruit trees grown in Bulgaria.

If you have decided to grow and take care of an apricot orchard, it is good to know that these fruits are influenced by the abrupt temperature changes and by the soil where they are planted.

In order the apricot to develop well, you have to choose a place near water or on a small hill with enough airflow with constant circulation.

The planting of the apricot orchards or single trees is done on slightly inclined terrains, looking northwards or in northeast direction, on well-drained soils.

The distance between the trees has to be about 4 -5 m, or 5-6 m, while their crowns are formed in layers and in semi-flat form.

Apricot is a tree, which starts to produce fruits after its third year, while the harvested quantity of fruits depends on how you have made the trimming and whether you treat the soil with the suitable fertilizers.

It is good to know that when the apricot orchards are young, they need active nitrogen fertilization, which has to be done twice a year – once in March and once in the end of May. Other fertilizers which are necessary for the proper growth of the apricot tree are the phosphate and potassium fertilizers, which have to be inserted in the soil at each 3-4 years.